I am Shuhab Tariq Shayiq


Name: Shuhab Tariq Shayiq

Profile: Software Engineering Specialist

Email: shuhab@outlook.com

Location: London, United Kingdom


Software Engineering Management 100%
Technology/People Leadership 100%
Information Systems Management 90%
Software Release Management 95%
Agile (Scrum/Kanban), SAFe 100%
Software & Web Services Design and Development 95%
Microsoft.NET Platform 95%
Microsoft C# 95%
Microsoft SQL Server 90%
Software Design Patterns 85%
Windows Powershell 75%
Web (RESTful/SOAP) and Windows Services 85%
Payment Processing (Treasury, BankIn/BankOut, Forex services, etc) 95%
Technology Consulting 80%
Web Designing (HTML/XML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, Bootstrap, etc) 75%
DevOps (CI/CD, Git, GitHub, Jira, Rally, Jenkins, NuGet, Splunk etc) 80%
Security (Checkmarx, SSL/mTLS, HMAC, JWT, SAML - SSO/SLO, etc) 85%
About me

It's been over fifteen years working in the Information Technology Products & Services Industry. The idea of working with varied technologies/systems and their integration to add value to businesses excites me. I am a Principal Engineer/Manager with over 15 years of hands on commercial experience working with IT Applications' Architecture, Design, Development, Delivery, Quality Assurance & Agile Management of Information Systems.

My extensive knowledge of various technologies and experience has given me a decent understanding to rapidly assess the IT implications of business strategy and vice versa. I have always maintained warm relationships with my clients at all levels and I believe that I possess the intellectual capacity and relevant experience to develop creative, breakthrough approaches and solutions to complex problems.

Working at the crossroads of Technical Leadership and Engineering Line Management, I have developed the right mix of skills and experience required to build collaborative high performance teams and lead technology/delivery. I drive technical initiatives in partnership with senior engineers/technical leads across multiple teams such as Engineering (Development, QA etc.), Security, Automation, Networks, Infrastructure, Performance, Release etc. I look at every project/work as a chance to do and learn something new. I have a passion for technology, application design & development, and I'm always eagerly awaiting my next challenge.

I have completed my Masters in Information Systems & Management from Aston Business School, UK. The degree is focused towards IT Management, Consulting, Enterprise Systems and how these systems integrate to provide competitive advantage and value to businesses. I have also done a SAP-CRM certification from University of Duisburg Essen, Germany, which has helped me to understand Enterprise Information Systems & ERP Architecture in more depth. I am an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM®) and SAFe® 4 Certified Practitioner. I have been leading and managing Agile teams with focus on increasing productivity, people & product happiness, and improving ways in which scrum teams function by adapting smarter nimble ways of working.

With my extensive experience leading Software Development/Delivery and managing Agile/Scrum teams; I believe that if given a chance, I can make considerable contribution to any business.


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Software Engineering

Solution Engineering - roadmap towards Engineering Excellence. Architecture, Design, Development, CI/CD. Need help streamlining your SDLC processes? Get in touch!

Web Design & Development

Need help with design and development of website, windows or web applications, windows or web-services, apis, etc? Get in touch to find out how I can be of help!

Agile Scrum (SAFe)

Want to learn more about smarter nimble ways of managing engineering teams with focus on keeping both people and product happy? Get in touch to find out how I can be of help!


Simple mobile photography with an aesthetic sense of symmetry and composition. Check out my clicks on Instagram. Want to collaborate? Get in touch!


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Asra Khan Manager, KPMG London

Backed with extensive experience at one of the world's largest IT companies, Shuhab has an unmatched problem-solving ability.

Jawed Akhtar Solution Architect, Infosys Germany

Shuhab has experience of working on a wide range of platforms and pays extra-ordinary attention to detail, which comes handy in consulting as well as in web-development.

Abhiniti Sehgal Product Manager, American Express USA

Looking at the excellence and commitment Shuhab has demonstrated at work in Infosys, I am greatly impressed by his software engineering and management skills.

Nitish Raikar Senior Project Manager, Infosys Bangalore

Shuhab has always delivered to promise and gone beyond the call of duty whenever required. He is a team player with excellent leadership skills. He is innovative and a very reliable resource. He has also won the Infosys - On the Spot award for outstanding performance in our org. With his zeal, positive energy and excellent articulation skills, I strongly believe he is most suited for a career in management.

Narendra Sonawane Delivery Manager, Infosys Bangalore

Shuhab is a very reliable resource and has always received appreciations from his clients. I believe Shuhab will continue to manifest his streak in everything that he does. Shuhab's experience with Infosys in a high process oriented and knowledge intensive culture makes him capable of taking on the most challenging tasks.


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